Thriving Minds Summer Camp

Thriving Minds Summer Camp launched in 2010 and has since provided programming at up to 17 elementary and nine middle school campuses, served more than 23,00 students (K-8) and delivered close to 4M hours of programming.

  • Students participating in Thriving Minds Summer Camp enter the fall with a meaningful advantage in math.*
  • Among students who attend at least 22 days or receive 39 hours of reading instruction also enter school in the fall with a meaningful advantage in reading.*
  • 71% of parents say that if this summer camp program were not available, their child would be at home or at a neighbor’s house (Parent/Caregiver Survey, 2014).
  • 52% of students assessed showed positive gains in Relationship Skills competency (Devereux Student Strengths Assessment, 2014).

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