US2020 April 2017 Bridging STEM Newsletter

As spring moves to summer, we’re preparing for the end of the academic year. Across the country, our students are showcasing their work and getting ready for summer science and coding camps. We’re also mining lessons from the last year of programming to better understand what works for our partners and the students they serve.

This fall, on October 10th, US2020 and Co-Founding Sponsors Chevron and Tata Consultancy Services will host the 3rd Annual STEM Mentoring Awards. The Awards offer a chance to reflect on student accomplishments and highlight promising practices within our partner network. Awards will be presented in five categories: Excellence in Volunteer Experience, Excellence in Volunteer Mobilization, Excellence in Public-Private Partnership, Most Innovative Hands-On Project, and our brand new category, Excellence in Impact Measurement. We are excited to learn more about our partners’ strategies for tracking specific student impact indicators with this new award category.

Important information and deadlines for the 3rd Annual STEM Mentoring Awards are detailed in this newsletter. We invite you to get involved and share your projects, partnership, and impact on the field of STEM mentorship. Thank you for leading the way in scaling citizen-driven learning.

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