NAESP Best Practice Videos

NAESP met with principals across the country to learn how they're leveraging afterschool and summer programs to enhance academic opportunities for youth, build children’s social and emotional skills, and strengthen their communities. Watch these videos to gain valuable insight from the experiences of your colleagues.

21st Century Community Learning Center
Freehold Borough Public Schools, NJ

An afterschool program is preparing 4 – 8 grade students emotionally and academically to succeed in highschool.

Math-Focused Afterschool Tutoring
Harvard-Kent Elementary School, MA

An extra hour of math after school is helping students in Boston’s most impoverished districts booth their math performance.

Partnering to Create Summer Learning
Charleston School District, SC

A partnership with the College of Charleston provides a STEAM-focused summer learning program for low-resource students.

Arts Infused Afterschool Programming
Levi Elementary School, TN

Students have an opportunity to express themselves and develop college and career readiness skills like collaboration and critical thinking through the arts.

Afterschool Programs in Rhode Island
McCabe & Coleman Elementary Schools, RI

Students are introduced to new activities that enrich learning and ensure safe, supportive environments after the school day ends.

Hudson Bluehawk Nation Afterschool Program
Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School, NY

A variety of activities and homework help provide students with new opportunities to explore and learn.

Art Adventures
Arnold Elementary School, MD

Art infused across the curriculum creates an environment of risk-taking and creative thinking that enhances learning.

Young Audiences Arts for Learning
Gardenville Elementary School, MD

Literacy and math taught through art combats summer learning loss for K-5 students.

Afterschool Programs of Lancaster
Thomas Ewing Junior High School, OH

An engaging program uses afterschool time to provide students with a safe, nurturing place to bridge academic and social gaps.

STEM Summer Camp Program
Tombaugh Elementary School, NM

K-5 students spend the summer exploring science and have an opportunity to dive deep into concepts that there isn’t time for during the regular school year.

Afterschool Programs in Vermont
Lyndon Town School & Northfield Elementary, VT

Afterschool programming is opening doors to new experiences and helping students develop skills that support academic success.

Tutoring Club
Independence Elementary School, FL

Afterschool tutoring helps students bridge gaps in their learning that aren’t able to be met during school hours.