Leading Afterschool Learning Communities

Research & Resources to Support Your Afterschool Implementation


We’ve compiled a complete toolkit of resources for principals and other school leaders to use to plan for and implement quality afterschool learning programs that go beyond simply providing a safe place for children after the school day ends. Afterschool programs offer vast opportunities to provide time for academic enrichment and recreational activities that children enjoy and learn from.

Explore each of our tools individually or download all nine resources in a single zip file.


Download the Zip File of Tools

Tool #1: Afterschool Works! Know the Research to Make the Case for After-school Programs

Use this brief research summary to make the case as to how after-school programs make a difference for students and the demand by parents.


Download Tool #1

Tool #2: How Principals Can Promote Afterschool to Support Student Learning

Use this summary to consider strategies as to how principals can use after-school programs to support and strengthen student learning.


Download Tool #2

Tool #3: Promote A Continuum Of Learning And Opportunity

Use this guide for reflective practice to assess your professional strengths in establishing a vision and strategy for afterschool programs.


Download Tool #3

Tool #4: Are You Ready? Questions to Consider as You Develop an Afterschool Program at Your School

Use these questions with your school team or parents as you consider establishing an afterschool program.


Download Tool #4

Champion After-school Programs & Needed ResourcesTool #5: Champion Afterschool Programs & Needed Resources

Use this guide for reflective practice to assess your professional strengths in ensuring after-school programs have the needed resources and supports.


Download Tool #5

Tool #6: Support Quality Afterschool and Summer Learning

Use this guide for reflective practice to assess your school’s position to support quality afterschool and summer learning programs.


Download Tool #6

Tool #7: Responsibility Checklist for the Principal & Afterschool Program Coordinator

Use this checklist in collaboration to assess how principals and after-school program coordinators work together.


Download Tool #7

Tool #8: Call to Action

Use this guide when talking with community leaders and policymakers about how they can support afterschool.


Download Tool #8

Tool #9: Afterschool Myths & Realities

Use this fact sheet to promote afterschool programs with potential partners by dispelling common myths.


Download Tool #9